Low Libido In Women: The Most Common Causes

Posted by Stephanie S. on Aug 17th 2022

Did you know that 13% of women crave sex more than six times per week?

Of course, most women only have sex around three to five times per week. Sexual libidos in women run the gambit from insatiable to mostly disinterested. All of these feelings can be normal, but many women wish they could be in the mood more often.

Do you rarely crave sex or wish you could have sex more often? Are you concerned that you or your partner may have a low libido?

Read on to learn more about the causes of low libido in women.

What Causes Low Libido in Women?

A low libido isn't always a cause for concern, but it can feel disappointing for you and your partner. Sex is an important way for couples to connect, and there are many health benefits to having orgasms. If you're experiencing a low sex drive, it could be due to one of these common reasons.

Natural Fluctuation

People may be more or less interested in sex at any given time. Women experience changes in their sex drive throughout their lives and even every month. While male hormones operate daily and yearly, women's hormones change throughout the month.

Female libido tends to peak during the follicular phase and ovulation, the second and third phases of the menstrual cycle. During these weeks, a woman may subconsciously pursue more sex because there is a higher chance of pregnancy.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy, after childbirth, and after menopause can certainly impact women's sex drive as well. Women experience a dramatic drop in estrogen after menopause, which can lead to vaginal dryness, discomfort, and lower arousal.

Significant Life Changes

It's normal for women to experience some loss of libido during significant life events. The stress of childbirth, moving to a new home, or losing a loved one can linger long after the event itself has ended.

Even less stressful changes, such as ending a relationship or starting a new job, can make a woman feel less interested in sex. It's not that women don't enjoy or crave sex, sex just isn't a priority for her until she feels comfortable and stable in her new environment or situation.

Physical Causes

Physical limitations like vaginal dryness can lead to a low libido in women. Vaginal dryness or soreness after childbirth can make sex feel uncomfortable or even painful. As much as she may desire sex with her partner, the discomfort can be a real turn-off.

Physical illness or injury may also create a low libido. Nobody feels very sexy when they're recovering from an illness, and people with chronic illnesses may rarely feel comfortable enough to have sex.

Psychological Causes

Sex is more than a physical act, and women's mindsets and emotional states can impact their sex drives. Women frequently stress about work, family life, relationships, body image, and more. With so much psychological distress, it can be hard to tune out the chatter and focus on sex.

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other psychological conditions can certainly change a woman's sex drive as well. Women need to feel relaxed, safe, and happy to engage in sexual activities, and suffering from a mental illness may make getting in the mood more difficult. Many women also deal with PTSD from physical or sexual trauma that may change how they approach sex.

Relationship Issues

It's hard to want sex after a big blow-out argument with your partner, but even small disagreements or disappointments can turn a woman off. Women want to feel trusted, loved, and supported by their partners. When conflicts arise, bedroom activities generally come to a halt.

It's normal for all relationships to have their ups and downs, but consistently declining sex can feel frustrating for both partners. Women want to feel sexually desirable just as much as men, but they don't want to feel used or objectified. Opening up to sex requires the relationship to have a lot of communication and trust.

How to Boost the Female Libido

Ready to bring sparks back into your bedroom? Because your libido is most commonly impacted by hormones and stress, raising it can seem tricky. Luckily, there are some things you can focus on to balance your body and inspire the mood.

Prioritize Your Health

Raising your libido naturally comes from the inside out. Make sure you are staying hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet, and getting plenty of exercise. In fact, just 20 minutes of exercise can boost your sexual arousal by up to 169%!

Hydration, diet, and exercise can also raise your energy levels and confidence in the bedroom. Even if you don't have any intention to change shape or lose weight, taking care of your physical health will help you connect with your body and understand your needs.

Remember: a glass of wine may help you get in the mood, but both partners should avoid drinking too much alcohol before sex. Drinking can dull the experience, lower your stamina, and make you feel more sick than sexy.

Set the Scene

If you want to spend more time in the bedroom, don't forget about washing the sheets. Better yet, encourage your partner to do their fair share of the cleaning. Couples who share chores equally actually have more frequent and better sex!

There are two major reasons why a tidy, welcoming environment improves sex lives. Firstly, most women prefer to have sex with helpful, attentive partners. Secondly, a clean home helps you tune out the to-do lists in your head and focus on sexy thoughts.

Setting the scene goes beyond the physical cleanliness of your home. You can also enhance the mood by lighting candles, playing sexy music, and holding each other close. Setting the scene is all about clearing your mind!

Have a Heart-to-Heart

Communication is of the utmost importance in any relationship, sexual or otherwise. If you think your low libido may be due to relationship problems, it's time to have a chat with your partner.

A healthy relationship lays the groundwork for a healthy sex life. Try to work through your challenges in an open-minded, loving way. If conversations feel impossible or one-sided, consider how couples therapy could help.

Some women may not want frequent sex because they don't enjoy it. Explain how your partner can help you feel aroused before sex, and which activities you find most pleasurable. If you're feeling a little bored, consider spicing things up with a roleplay scenario or sexy toys!

Try Sexy Supplements

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Hunger Like a Lion, Purr Like a Kitten

Low libido in women can have several causes, and many women experience changes throughout their life. Investing time into self-care and healthy communication can help you and your partner find excitement again!

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