7 Sexy Foreplay Tips for Couples

7 Sexy Foreplay Tips for Couples

Posted by Stephanie S. on Oct 21st 2022

Come on! A 2019 study of more than 31,000 American women revealed that 39% of women feel a low desire for sex. 26% said they feel low arousal on a regular basis.

If you're struggling with a lack of desire or arousal, you should try changing things up. Foreplay can help you learn how to have better sex and give you more stimuli for the bedroom. However, you should not start foreplay until you learn a few basic foreplay tips.

How can you talk to your partner about foreplay? What are the different ways you can try foreplay in the bedroom? What tools can you get for foreplay?

Answer these questions and you can have a happier and healthier sex life in no time. Here are seven essential foreplay tips.

1. Communicate With Your Partner

Foreplay for couples works best when each partner knows what the other partner likes. Talk to your partner before you start foreplay for couples and ask them what they like.

Get specific details about kissing, touching, and other things. If you need to get something so you can start spicing things up, you can buy that item well in advance.

Always get affirmative consent from your partner before starting foreplay or sexual activity. If your partner asks you to stop, stop immediately.

2. Look Into Each Other's Eyes

Eye contact establishes intimacy, trust, and longing. Sit down with your partner and look into their eyes. Spend several minutes looking at them before you do anything else.

You can also try catching their eyes while you are in the same room as them. This can create a feeling reminiscent of love at first sight.

When you're ready to do something else, do something that arouses your partner visually. You can give them a striptease or show them erotic imagery.

Dimming the lights and lighting candles can create a romantic vibe that can get you and your partner in a good mood. You can light scented candles, but make sure they don't have an overpowering scent, as that can distract you.

3. Kiss Your Partner in a New Way

Kissing isn't just about pressing your lips to your partner's lips. Try to get more physical with how you kiss and consider new techniques.

If you're not familiar with French kissing techniques, you should try them out. Lean in toward your partner while tilting your head back so you don't bump noses. Brush your lips against theirs and then extend your tongue out, stimulating their lips and tongue.

You can also try kissing your partner's neck, ears, and forehead. If their clothes are off, kiss their back, chest, and thighs. Make eye contact with them as you are kissing them so you establish a personal connection.

4. Massage Each Other

At a minimum, you should rub against your partner while both of you have your clothes off. Skin-on-skin contact relaxes pressure receptors underneath the skin, making you feel very comfortable. Try nuzzling or spooning with each other.

If you're looking for bold foreplay ideas, you can try tantric massage. A lingam massage involves pleasuring the penis while a yoni massage involves pleasuring the vulva.

The purpose of a massage is not to achieve orgasm. Tantric massages create relaxation and desire between partners. You and your partner can get an orgasm during the massage, but only after the session is over and you feel fully relaxed.

5. Play Games

After you've warmed up, you can play a game to rev the foreplay up. You can buy a board game or card game online, or you can modify different games to your liking.

Charades is a good basic game to play. You can act out many different scenarios and provide visual stimuli to your partner. You can also play Twister, which requires you to get close to your partner and perform different positions.

6. Use All of Your Senses

One of the benefits of foreplay is that it is extremely sensual. Many people focus on visual and physical stimulation, which is fine. But you can stimulate the other three senses to create a well-rounded experience.

For audial stimulation, you can talk to your partner, play music, or listen to a podcast. You can also read erotica out loud.

To stimulate the sense of taste, you can eat food off of each other's body. Many lubricants are flavored, and you can cover each other in the lube and lick it off.

Essential oils and flowers can provide light odors. The smell of sweat can also be invigorating, so perform some exercises like yoga near each other.

7. Use Enhancement Products

Enhancement products can energize you and help you transition from foreplay into having sex. You can take enhancement products during any part of the foreplay, and you can turn it into an act of foreplay by feeding your partner their pill while they are blindfolded.

Take a look at a few different enhancement brands and read reviews online before buying a product. Side effects of enhancement products are usually minimal, but you may want to talk to your doctor to make sure they do not interfere with other medications.

Learn the Best Foreplay Tips

Foreplay tips can be your best tools for overcoming a lack of arousal. Talk to your partner and figure out what they like to do. Establish intimacy with them by making eye contact, kissing, and massaging them.

Play a few games and try to find ways to stimulate all of your senses. If you need help getting aroused, you can buy erotic board games, literature, and enhancement products.

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